Friday, 3 February 2012

Cycling non-stop in Assen (including winter)

In the Netherlands, cycling continues in winter. The cycle-paths are regularly swept and people who have formed a habit of cycling for their everyday journeys continue to do so.

Mothers continue to take small children by bike (note extra seat in front for a slightly older child)

Children continue to ride home from school by bike.

Fathers do it too. In this photo you can see lines either side of the cycle-path. It was ploughed and completely clear earlier in the day, but snow more fell.

More adventurous people can be found riding out of town.
This winter took a long time to arrive. However, this week it's arrived at last. The temperature at mid-day today was about -5 C.

Of course it's rare that people come on holidays at this time of year. However, the same cycle-paths that provide pleasant cycle-routes for holidays in the summer remain in use through the whole year.

Once the snow stops, the ploughs come out again and clear the paths, which then look like this: